The product supports to use browser joining the conference. You only need to copy the link in the browser to join a conference room, or use a five-digit invitation passcode to join a conference, which is so easy to operate. You don't need to download any plug-ins or software, you just need a browser. We supports mainstream browsers such as Google Chrome and Edge...

Reduce nurses movement

Nurses can confirm the status of doctors in each department, and receive work instructions communicate with nurses in real time through audio and video, reduce the frequency of nurses' [face-to-face communication] and reduce unnecessary walking in the hospital. Even by using hospital transport robots can reduce the risk of unnecessary transport of medicines and goods.

Reduce doctors movement

Doctors can confirm the status of nurses and other doctors in real time, communicate with other doctors and nurses in real time and send instructions through audio and video. By using this system the hospital can support remote consultations, live surgeries, and other conferences, In the mean time they can minimize the risk of face to face infection which because of moving around the hospital.

Reduce patients movement

Patients can communicate with doctors and nurses through audio and video, also can shop online in the hospital, then transported by hospital robots, so as to minimize unnecessary walking between patients and the others to protect the each other’s health.

Reduce command center staff movement

The command center can check the status of doctors, nurses and patients, usage of emergency rooms, operating rooms and other departments, as well as the use of ambulances and other equipment in real time. By using this system you can communicate with doctors and nurses through audio and video to send instructions and notice, and minimize the risk of unnecessary face-to-face communication in-hospital. At the same time, improve the efficiency of cooperation and coordination in all aspects.

Product features:

  1. Doctor status display: Nurses can see the doctor's status in real time (during diagnosis, treatment, operation, out, vacation, etc.) and cooperate with doctors more effectively according to the doctor's status.
  2. Status display of ambulances and other equipment: The dispatching center can see the status of ambulances and other equipment in real time (in use or available for deployment, etc.), which can efficiently allocate resources of ambulances and other equipment.
  3. Remote consultation: doctors and experts can attend from different remote locations for consultation through video and sharing functions.
  4. Surgical live broadcast: 4K resolution can broadcast the surgical process clearly.
  5. Remote ward rounds: Nurses can conduct ward rounds in the form of remote video calls, which can not only improve the efficiency of ward rounds, but also reduces the direct contact between nurses and patients, responding to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases effectively.


  1. Unilateral audio call
  2. Multilateral audio call
  3. Multilateral video call
  4. Send the status information
  5.  Lock the room (secure)
  6. 5 digit way to join