During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to visit new customers.

For new target customer companies, we don’t have their email address or contact information of social software (such as wechat, QQ, etc.) usually, so we cannot send them explanatory file and links of video conferences. Use Lannet Sales to showcase your products and services to your customers effectively.

Embedded meeting interface to get new customers

Embed the interface of web meeting in your company's website and guide customers to follow the steps:【Google Query】 ->【company website】->【attending the conference】 to communicate online, and then send product and service information to customers and explain in detail.


The system supports multiple video sources (multiple cameras) and is hot swappable. It can be used at any time without additional plug-in installation. You can show customers multiple products at the same time to close to the effect of the face-to-face marketing display.

Web meeting join

Minimize the steps for users which don’t need to download and install software or plug-ins. This is the key to increase the chances of customer acquisition.

Product features:

  1. Web participation (browser), no client is required
  2. Multiple cameras
  3. Ultra High Definition (4K)
  4. Recording
  5. Voice incentive
  6. Video lock
  7. Lock the room (secure)
  8. Screen/Document sharing
  9. Document send