Arriving guests can initiate audio or video calls with the staff by clicking the call button on the display in-store or scanning the QR code on their mobile phones.The assistant provides pre-sales q&A guidance to customers through voice explanation, video presentation, screen sharing and other functions. Guests can also download the required information to their mobile phones by scanning code.
This system can not only improve the work efficiency and quality of service personnel, but also reduce the contact between shop assistants and customers, reduce the probability of cross infection effectively.Our system can also be used in large supermarkets, airports, railway stations, all kinds of public transport and other environments.

New contactless customer service

During the COVID-19 pandemic, service staff can provide remote guidance services to customers without close contact with them, and non-contact counseling services will also reassure customers.More importantly, when customers need some help, they can contact customer service staff without waiting [zero waiting consulting] which can bring customers a new guide experience.

Data analysis

All the video and data can be recorded in every process of providing services for customers. The above service information can be used to analyze customer demand and satisfaction, so as to help the store further improve services and market competitiveness.

Low cost

By using Android tablet instead of a professional monitor which can cut the cost so much, and it's also easier to upgrade, it’s marking more and more easier for stores to use on a large scale.When the video guide service is not in used, Android tablets can also be used as POP displays. When the video guide service is available, Android tablets can be used as audio and video calling devices in seconds, which is a true multi-purpose device.

Product features:

  1. Audio and video calls
  2. Screen recording
  3. Data sharing