Thank you for your attention to us: if you are IT related enterprises, consulting agencies or network service providers, we sincerely invite you to become our partner.

Recommend free system: become our partner, you can recommend the free video system to your customers, so that your customers get real benefits, so as to strengthen the trust between you and your customers.

Introduce our products: By becoming our partner, you can introduce our offer information to your customers, so that your customers can get help in specific situations, thus closing the distance between you and your customers.

Reap the benefits: You can sell our products as an agent and get economic benefits in sales and technical support.

Welcome: we also welcome cross-industry participants very much. We know that people who are unencumbered by past experience and common sense are more likely to innovate. We do not exclude you to be our partners, but also you can sales the same industry products, if you can provide customers with better product application solutions, we will give you full encouragement and support.

We do not set limits: Whether you are a multinational companies or a lone hero, we won’t set limits on your financial situation, because we know that it only represents your past, not your future. We dreamed of the future in abandoned garages too. We also have stood on abandoned wooden boxes and talked about our plans to a single dazed audience. We've been drinking the cheapest beer looking for future. If you can reverse the life, and our products and technology can be used as a tool for you to sail successfully, to help you overcome the dilemma now, to achieve the legend of heroes in the future, It will be our honor.

Special note: We hope to work together with you to build a win-win relationship, we allow and encourage you to use our technology and products to develop your business, if you can play a role in promoting your business, we will feel very pleased and proud. However, we have certain restrictions. We will unilaterally cancel the cooperation relationship if you commit fraud, maliciously mislead customers, sponsor sexual violence and other bad behaviors in the cooperation process.

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