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Product features

Support self-built server servers

Using VRoom products, customers can complete self-built servers in the existing network environment, and customers can manage the all data by themselves to ensure that users information won’t disclosure. Such as: Banks, Governments, Insurance companies, Multinational enterprises, Medical industry, Military, Scientific research units and so on.

Support 13 languages

Our system supports 13 languages, including Chinese (simplified/traditional), English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai. And we can add new languages if required.

Create your own brand

You can also create your own product by changing the product icon, Logo, and name without the support of a development team. The Lannetsoft professional team is responsible for other program development.

Browser join

The product supports to use browser joining the conference. You only need to copy the link in the browser to join a conference room, or use a five-digit invitation passcode to join a conference, which is so easy to operate. You don't need to download any plug-ins or software, you just need a browser. We supports mainstream browsers such as Google Chrome and Edge...


(Note: Server rental is not included)

Video Meeting System

Free self-built secure video conferencing server, keep all information and data by yourself, and support permanent upgrade free. This free version is recommended for small or medium sized organizations with less than 50 employees and independent departments in large organizations.门。

Virtual Hospital System

Free to support virtual hospital server system for customers which can deal with the risk of interpersonal transmission of infectious diseases effectively, improve the efficiency of all departments in the hospital to work together, this free version is suitable for small and medium-sized medical institutions, can ensure the normal medical services fully for customers.

Video Help System

Free to build your own store , and support permanent upgrade free. This free version is recommended for small and medium sized shops with less than 30 employees.

Video Factory System

Free to build your own , support permanent upgrade free. This free version is recommended for small or medium sized factory workshops and warehouses with less than 50 employees.


Free trial for 3 months

We provide 3 months free trial version, you can use this free version before deciding whether to buy, after 3 months of free use, you can decide whether to buy our products according to your specific requirment.

Become our partner

If you are IT related companies, consultancy or Internet service providers, you want to be involved in the IT industry, but can't find a proper way, please consider to join us to become our partners, you can not only recommend this free system to your customers to help them, but also can get benefits for the sales and technical support.

Server Reference information

Support customers to build your own hardware server if you get your own data management center or computer room, if you want to use cloud server, recommended to use: Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, Google Cloud and other mainstream cloud server platform.


Lannet Meet  (Video Meeting System)

An efficient, fast, easy to operate network video conference product. You only need a computer or mobile phone to click a meeting link address to communicate quickly with teams who around the world in real time audio and video, and also can share all kinds of data documents synchronously, etc., to meet your requirement for meeting functions.

Lannet Hosp. (Virtual Hospital System)

Reduce the hospital movement of medical staff and patients, It can reduce the frequency of person-to-person contact so as to reduce the risk of hospital infection, improve the working efficiency of medical staff, and build a non-intensive hospital model in the future. This is especially importment when the virus is spreading.

Lannet Sale (Video Sales System

During the special period of the COVID-19 we cannot visit customers, you can continue to promote the business by using our video marketing system to develop new customers, through the network video marketing system can support your internet live sales, it is easy to operate the system in the short term.

Lannet Guid (Video Shopping Guide System)

Guests can initiate audio or video calls with the staff by clicking the call button on the Pad or computer in-store or scanning the QR code on their mobile phones. The assistant provides pre-sales q&A guidance to customers through voice explanation, video demonstration, screen sharing and other functions. Guests can download the required information to their mobile phones by scanning the code.This system cannot only improve the work efficiency and quality of service personnel, but also reduce the contact between shop assistants and customers to  reduce the probability of cross infection effectively. It can be used in large supermarkets, airports, trains (stations) and other environments.

Lannet Factory (Video Management System)

The head of workshop can check the each production location at anytime anywhere, the factory director can control the whole production of the factory remotely anywhere , and communicate with any staff anytime, save the time effective, improve efficiency, especially at the special time of COVID-19, can reduce the staff movement risks effectively.